Eastern Potential. Western Performance.
  • Suzhou Pharma Services is a leading reliable, economical and secure Chinese source alternative for the supply of oral solid dose products to the global pharmaceutical industry. Find out more about the Suzhou Pharma Services performance guarantee.

  • Our leadership is made up of Western trained pharma industry executives who ensure the exacting quality, consistency and customer service Western pharmaceutical companies have come to expect from a sourcing partner. Click here to learn more about Suzhou Pharma Service's executive and management teams.

  • China is among the largest and fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world. To capitalize on this potential, multinational pharmaceutical companies trust Suzhou Pharma Services to rapidly introduce their oral solid dose products into the Chinese market, with low risk and low cost-of-entry.

  • Our on-site Western Style management team is committed to using industry-standard equipment and current Good Manufacturing Practices. This commitment, in addition to its U.S. FDA and China sFDA regulatory approvals, help provide quality assurance, speed to market, and successful outcomes for our customers.

  • Located in China's Jiangsu Province, the history of the city of Suzhou dates back thousands of years and its cultural legacy is matched only by its promising future. To the east of the ancient city lies the Suzhou Industrial Park, one of China's main technological epicenters and home to Suzhou Pharma Services.

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Suzhou Pharma Services

In China:
No.58, Qunxing Yi Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park, PRC. 215006
Contact: Julie Gu
+86-512-6745-1085 ext 101

In the US:
9 Polito Ave, Suite 900
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Contact: Michelle Valsera
(732) 993-9827