Eastern Potential. Western Performance.

Industry-Standard Equipment

Suzhou Pharma Services uses the same high-quality industry-standard equipment as pharmaceutical companies in Western markets from manufacturer’s such as Bosch, Glatt, and PTK, thus facilitating a seamless technical transfer of your products for outsourcing.

Specific equipment includes fluid bed, granulation and coating, high speed tablet press (bilayer) and high speed capsule filler.

Suzhou Pharma Services

In China:
No.58, Qunxing Yi Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park, PRC. 215006
Contact: Julie Gu
+86-512-6745-1085 ext 101

In the US:
9 Polito Ave, Suite 900
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Contact: Michelle Valsera
(732) 993-9827