Eastern Potential. Western Performance.

The Suzhou Performance Guarantee

At Suzhou Pharma Services, we’ve developed a culture of quality and commitment to customer service. We have a highly trained workforce in a country that is known for its excellent work ethic. It was the responsibility of our western leadership to infuse an uncompromising commitment to quality into the workforce ethos. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our people have been instructed from their first day of service on the importance of reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness for our customers. This means the relentless pursuit of batches “on time and in full” and cultivating an innate understanding of our KPIs and how these indicators directly impact the company – and more importantly – our customers. The result: Suzhou Pharma is able to offer its unmatched service performance guarantee, the first and only of its kind from a Chinese pharmaceutical sourcing company.

Our guarantee ties our contracts to our KPIs. Should we miss our guaranteed mark? In most cases, our clients receive a discount on future deliveries.

For more information on our performance guarantee, please contact your New Business Development  representative or fill out the form below and a customer representative will contact you.


Suzhou Pharma Services

In China:
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