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Chinese Sourcing

Suzhou Pharma Services manufacturing plant is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park. This site offers pharmaceutical companies a qualified and technically proven location to produce top-tier pharmaceutical products, particularly capsules and tablets.  Suzhou Pharma Services is adept at producing immediate release and controlled-release tablets and capsules. 

Sourcing through Suzhou Pharma Services offers several inherent benefits for pharmaceutical companies. For those wishing to penetrate the rapidly growing  Chinese market, speed of access is the biggest benefit.  Suzhou Pharma Services  development team has proven its ability to bring high-quality products to market in a minimum of time. Because the equipment and processes are on-line and operational, the need to build a dedicated facility is eliminated, and the Suzhou site is already both FDA and sFDA approved. Furthermore, as a result of the low-cost manufacturing structure in China, Suzhou Pharma Services can deliver a high-quality product to market at the lowest possible cost.

Sourcing of products through Suzhou Pharma Services for delivery to the United States also makes good economic sense in many situations. Again, the low-cost basis for the Suzhou plant is more than enough to offset distribution costs of the product back to the United States. Suzhou’s proximity to airports and other shipping facilities helps minimize distribution costs.

Finally, supply of pharmaceutical products to regions other than the United States and China can be economically realized from the Suzhou site.

The two most important questions to be answered with regard to choosing Suzhou as the site to manufacture a pharmaceutical product are:  One, is Suzhou the most economical alternative;  and two, can the product be manufactured to the same rigid specifications that are required in a US-based facility?  In both cases, the answer is “yes”. Contact us and see for yourselves!

Suzhou Pharma Services

In China:
No.58, Qunxing Yi Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park, PRC. 215006
Contact: Julie Gu
+86-512-6745-1085 ext 101

In the US:
9 Polito Ave, Suite 900
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Contact: Michelle Valsera
(732) 993-9827