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At Suzhou Pharma Services¬†main facility, we’re able to offer our customers a full suite of packaging services that will help them get their product to market faster and more efficiently. We do our packaging in-house, allowing us to control every step of the process and ensure a superior level of quality. This means that our customers not only receive faster, more cost-effective turnarounds on their projects, but they also receive the quality of work their projects deserve.

Our packaging engineers work closely with our customers to develop a packaging strategy that best fits their needs. Regardless of the complexity of the product, we devise the best possible solution for any specific dosage type.

Suzhou Pharma Services

In China:
No.58, Qunxing Yi Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park, PRC. 215006
Contact: Julie Gu
+86-512-6745-1085 ext 101

In the US:
9 Polito Ave, Suite 900
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Contact: Michelle Valsera
(732) 993-9827